Poetic Fragments

Content: Part One: Love’s Barbed ArrowsPart Two: Heterogeneity This Post will likely either be expanded or more parts will be added as I continue writing. Look out for it in the #Poetry section of the blog. Part OneLove’s Barbed Arrows I Not once have I composed a poem in my lifeYet your beauty inspires meSay, should I write one for you?Or should I try painting… Continue reading Poetic Fragments

The Road Ahead

24.06.2021 Edit 30.06:The Poetic Fragments are now published! With the blog launched, some might wonder where we are heading and what to expect. One post to expect sometime next week is definitely going to be “Poetic Fragments” which will be, as the title suggests, fragments of poetry. As for other art related posts I will be likely looking into creating a series of posts talking… Continue reading The Road Ahead

The wolf in the cave.

Author’s note: Last night, in the small hours, I felt as if these words were transferred into my mind. Only part of it feels original to me, the parts needed to connect the parts of the story that were already present. I generally dislike writing this kind of fiction but I hope the reader with get something out of this story. With that said I… Continue reading The wolf in the cave.

a brief outline of the history of the villa

based on notes from a university course, all complains go directly to my professor and then likely, into the trash (: The Villa is a type of upper-class house or mansion with it’s origins in the 2nd Century B.C.E in the Roman Villa, a countryhouse generally reachable within 1 or 2 days from Rome. Though we talk about two types of Villas to be exact,… Continue reading a brief outline of the history of the villa

Revolutionaries vs the American Military

Since Maria keeps asking. For legal and moral reasons, this article is not advocating for anything. These are not my thoughts on the morality of revolution or an argument for revolutionary socialism. It is simply a dumbed down argumentation on how such a revolution could be successful because I’m sick of people asking. What is Revolution? The goal of a revolution would be, or should… Continue reading Revolutionaries vs the American Military

Provenance and the Echoes of Fascism

An overview of Provenance Research and the case of the Special Commission Linz, Hitler’s Plan for a European museum. This Article was initially published on the 24th of October 2020 for PROVENANCE In the 2017 movie adaptation of Christie’s Murder on the Orient Express, John Cassetti (Johnny Depp), a con artist, remarks to Hercule Poirot (Kenneth Branagh) that some of his clients were unhappy… Continue reading Provenance and the Echoes of Fascism


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