The Road Ahead


Edit 30.06:
The Poetic Fragments are now published!

With the blog launched, some might wonder where we are heading and what to expect. One post to expect sometime next week is definitely going to be “Poetic Fragments” which will be, as the title suggests, fragments of poetry. As for other art related posts I will be likely looking into creating a series of posts talking about the Bauhaus, it’s ideology and it’s impact (or lack thereof) on East European architecture. This has been planned for a long time but I hope reformatting it into a series will make working on this easier and faster. Speaking of the Bauhaus, a post on Vassily Kandinsky is something I probably need to make, as he is the greatest artist.

In terms of politics I will be likely doing a post on Planned Obsolescence or perhaps something on the Geopolitics of France/Germany/Greece. It still needs to be decided. I *am* considering remaking my work on Extinction Rebellion but I feel like the moment has passed and it’d be effort expended on something that I’ve already done in essence. We’ll see.

What are your thoughts?

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